Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start swimming with my baby?

You can begin with your baby as early as you feel comfortable. We prefer babies to begin before they are 12 months old with the optimum age for a smooth transition being under 6 months, the earlier the better. Once you have begun, your baby can move through the various levels until they are around 4yrs. We also have lessons for toddlers and these are tailored to their needs.

Does my baby need immunizations before swimming?

There is no need for babies to have completed their first set of immunizations before swimming. Further research on this can be seen on the NHS website

NHS Choices

Where do you run lessons?

We have a new venue with availability in Hethersett and we run a waiting list system for other areas around Norwich.

How long are the lessons?

Lessons have been designed with your little one in mind. Due to the amount of body heat your baby will loose while in the water and how much energy they will use, 30 minutes is optimum for baby to have fun and feel comfortable. We encourage you to leave the pool while your baby is happy so they have a positive association with water.

How much are the Lessons?

Lessons are £12 and these are charged termly, full payment is taken prior to course commencing and no lessons can be paid for individually on the day. We also offer a 15% sibling discount.

Will my baby get cold?

We only use pools that are heated to between 29-31 degrees, so that your baby stays warm and enjoys the experience.

What does my baby need to wear in the water?

Babies must wear the double nappy system, this is a disposable swim nappy, these are designed not to absorb swimming pool water like normal nappies and widely available from supermarkets. The second layer is a neoprene pant (‘Splash About’ is a well known make) they have a snug seal around the legs and waist so that “leakages” can’t escape, and has been specially designed for baby swim schools. It must be a snug fit, unfortunately we cannot allow any room for growth!

You will not be allowed into the water without both correct nappies, as nappy leaks into the water mean cancelling classes to clean the pool. All children on the Splash and Giggle program must continue to wear both swim nappies beyond potty training, as accidents still happen! Your teacher can check the fit at your 1st class if you are unsure.

Can both parents be in the water?

Unfortunately not, however if both parents want to be involved in the learning process after an initial settling in period of a few weeks, if the baby is happy, parents can take it turns to join in the weekly class. We are happy for the other parent to watch to keep up with what is being learnt in the lessons.

Do I need to bring any equipment to the class?

We provide all of the toys and swimming equipment. We don’t use armbands as the parent will be holding the child in the water. We introduce woggles and floats as your child progresses.

I’m not confident in water can I still do the lessons?

The pools we use are either shallow enough or we use the shallow end so that the adult can comfortably stand.

When can I feed my baby?

It is advisable that you feed your baby at least 1 hour before swimming. A small milk or breast feed can be given up to class time, however a full stomach is not recommended. Should your small baby become very hungry during class you may get out and breast feed pool side (a small top up) and return. Babies are usually hungry after class and will feed again.

Please read our terms and conditions for further details.

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